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modern, minimal, contemporary, eclectic furnitures

nowadays moods

Choose the type of atmosphere you would like in your home and we will adapt it to your room, according to your needs.

Important: the adequate correlation between furnitures, coverings, ornaments and accessories makes the space more beautiful!

Minimal kitchen with hidden cabinet.  Freestanding kitchen counter with built-in hob and countersunk hood

Modern kitchens with different moods.

Purple, curved kitchen furniture in a circular room

Minimal, industrial style kitchen. Anthracite, beige and white colors with concrete-look flooring and tiling..

Dining-room moods.

Cubistic storage cabinet.

Double bedrooms with different moods.

Bathroom in industrial style with antique concrete-look wall coverings

Wardrobe with custom designed textile sliding doors. Curved chest of drawers with shell-shaped sofa.

Hidden dressing table behind a sliding door

Modern, minimal living room with white, brown and teal colors and chrome accessories

A living room designed with a combination of gray and blue colors and with the use of modern wallpaper and accessories